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David Hush/Nesia
$15.00 / $2.95 for Shipping
      Leopold Mozart Academy is proud to present .... David Hush's Nesia  
This disc comprises nine compositions, only one previously recorded. The pieces mark a fair distance of time, beginning with Contrapunctus (1990), through to the Melody for solo violin (2000), and in addition span different continents and hemispheres. While the first group of works was written in Princeton, NJ, the more recent pieces were composed in Sydney. Partly because of these two factors there is quite a striking difference between some of the compositions. As an example, while the Cello Sonata (1990) reflects my interest in the compressed sonata forms of late Beethoven, Nesia (Journey) (1997), for solo violin, while written in sonata form, is more rhapsodic in character, owing more to the Jewish musical tradition than to Western classicism. With the release of a new CD, one’s inner thoughts and feelings are made public, as it were, by a series of interpretations encapsulated by a single disc. I am very fortunate to have found such sympathetic and gifted musicians to play my work. Each track on this disc is the result of a complete meeting of minds and of spirits. (D. Hush)

David Hush
Zina Schiff / violin
Mirjam Ingolfsson / cello
Ursula Ingolfsson-Fassbind / piano
Victoria Voronyansky / viola


» Track 1: Nesia / Lachash (Incantation)

» Track 7: Contrapunctus

» Track 9: Fugue

» Track 11 : Sonata / Movement 2

David Hush/Nesia
1. Lachash (Incantation) 3:25
2. Kinah (Elegy) 4:42
3. Nesia (Journey) 7:19
4. Sinfonia 3:37
5. Lullaby 1:47
6. Melody 4:33
   Zina Schiff violin
7. Contrapunctus 6:13
   Zina Schiff violin
   Victoria Voronyansky viola
Prelude and Fugue
8. Prelude 4:19
9. Fugue 8:30
   Mirjam Ingolfsson cello
10. Movement 1 5:48
11. Movement 2 5:17
   Mirjam Ingolfsson cello
   Ursula Ingolfsson-Fassbind piano